Academic Leave Application Checklist

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Procedure to be followed:

1. Candidate:

Faculty member requests leave of absence in writing to department chair including a synopsis of research and teaching activity since his/her last academic leave, together with a current CV. The request must be made at least one year in advance. The request should include the following:

a. explanation and justification of proposed academic leave

b. date and duration of proposed leave

c. date of last academic leave

d. copy of the letter submitted to Provost following the faculty member’s most recent academic leave, unless this is the faculty member’s first academic leave, describing the activities engaged in and the accomplishments achieved during that leave

e. financial particulars: {one semester at full salary and benefits; full year at half salary and full benefits; external funding; faculty members typically do not receive stipends (Caps) for administrative responsibilities during an academic leave – any proposed exception to the rule shall be properly justified and with approval from the dean.}

2. Department Chair

Chairperson forwards faculty member’s request, together with supporting materials, and his/her own recommendation in writing to Dean. The Chair’s recommendation must evaluate the faculty request and include plans for coverage of the faculty member’s teaching and service commitments during the proposed leave. The Leave Accommodation Form for Faculty may be used for this purpose if this proves helpful.

3. College Dean

Dean forwards faculty request, together with supporting materials, and department chair’s recommendation with Dean’s own written recommendation to the Provost’s office for approval. The Dean’s recommendation must include plans for coverage of any administrative commitments of the faculty member, if applicable, during the proposed leave.

4. Prvoost Office

The Provost, if in agreement, issues official leave letter to faculty member.