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Collaborating Academic Visitors - Process Implementation

Dear Faculty and Staff,

When we announced Lehigh’s Collaborating Academic Visitors Policy on June 14, 2021, we indicated that a team in the Provost’s Office will be working on operationalizing this policy and that this work would be completed during the Fall 2021 semester. We are pleased to announce the process implementation for the Policy is now complete. Thank you to the colleges and various departments for their valued input.

With this new process implementation in place, Lehigh can track and report on the Collaborating Academic Visitors who visit Lehigh’s campus and access our buildings, labs and facilities in support of our research and educational mission.

A dedicated website was developed for Collaborating Academic Visitors, containing resources for the colleges and host departments, including customized DocuSign links for each college. The detailed process implementation can be found here.

The Provost Office team is willing to meet with host departments and the colleges to review this process in more detail. Please reach out to Pat Mann at pam8@lehigh.edu to schedule a time to meet. We will assess this process in six months, and we welcome feedback along the way as the various units appoint your Collaborating Academic Visitors.

Nathan Urban, Ph.D., Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Jackie Krasas, Deputy Provost for Faculty Affairs