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Provost Office Staff

Lucy Bowen
Director of Administration
Jill Forrest
Project Manager
(610) 758-4802
Cindy Hart
Executive Secretary to the Provost
(610) 758-3605
Daniele Holland
Faculty Affairs Specialist
Jessica E. Jackson
Program Manager
(610) 758-3708
Jennifer Jensen
Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs
(610) 758-3605
Jackie Krasas
Deputy Provost for Faculty Affairs
(610) 758-5923
Janele Krzywicki
Manager, Faculty Affairs
(610) 758-3165
Nathan Urban
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
(610) 758-3605
Deb Watlington
Senior Budget Analyst
(610) 758-3121
Oliver Yao
Deputy Provost for Graduate Education