Deputy Provosts

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The three Deputy Provosts play vital roles within the university community, working to facilitate communication among members of the faculty, staff, and students, and to ensure that Lehigh continues to meet the highest standards in administrative and academic excellence.

Deputy Provosts

The Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs

The Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs assists the provost with academic planning; works with college deans and associate deans to oversee and strengthen the quality of existing academic programs and develop new academic programs; chairs the Enrollment Management Committee, advising the provost on issues related to student enrollment and student success; acts as the provost’s liaison to Student Affairs; and oversees institutional accreditation processes. The Offices of Community Engagement, Enrollment Management Services, Registration and Academic Services, and Retention report to the deputy provost for academic affairs.

The Deputy Provost for Faculty Affairs

The Deputy Provost for Faculty Affairs assists the Provost with faculty issues such as shared governance; policies for faculty recruitment and retention; tenure and promotion policy review, enhancement and implementation; professional development programs for Lehigh faculty members; and the Sloan Program for Faculty Career Flexibility.


The Deputy Provost for Graduate Education

The Deputy Provost for Graduate Education works with Lehigh’s five colleges, including the new College of Health, to enhance visibility and recruit students to Lehigh’s graduate programs. In collaboration with the colleges and the Senior Vice President and associate provost for research and graduate studies. The DPGE works to develop additional financial support and career opportunities for graduate students and help to create organizational constructs that will enable innovative graduate programs and degrees to develop and grow, particularly cross-college interdisciplinary degrees.