Department Chairs List

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Department Chairs Executive Committee Members:
  • Nick Sawicki, Chair of Chairs, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Christine Daley, College of Health
  • Brian Davison, Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Greg Ferguson, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Michael Gill, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Christopher Liang, College of Education
  • Nandu Nayar, College of Business
  • Marietta Peytchera, College of Business
  • Anand Ramamurthi, Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science


Department Chairs By College:
College of Arts and Sciences

Art, Architecture and Design
Nick Sawicki - term ends 2026

Biological Sciences
Linda Lowe-Krentz - term ends 2024

Gregory Ferguson - term ends 2024

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Gray Bebout - term ends 2024

Edward Whitley - term ends 2024

William (Bill) Bulman - term ends 2025

International Relations
Norrin Ripsman - term ends 2024

Journalism and Communication
Brian Creech - term ends 2026

Terrence (Terry) Napier - term ends 2025

Modern Languages and Literatures
Constance Cook - term ends 2024

Paul Salerni - term ends 2024

Gordon Bearn - term ends 2026

Michael Stavola - term ends 2024

Political Science
Brian Fife - term ends 2024

Michael Gill - term ends 2025

Religion Studies
Robert (Rob) Rozehnal - term ends 2025

Sociology and Anthropology
Ziad Munson - term ends 2026

Kashi Johnson - term ends 2025

College of Business

Marietta Peytcheva - term ends 2026

Decision and Technology Analytics
Zach Zacharia - term ends 2024

Chad Meyerhoefer - term ends 2025

Andrew Ward - term ends 2024

K. Sivakumar - term ends 2024

Perella Department of Finance
Nandu Nayar - term ends 2024

College of Education

Education and Human Services
Christopher Liang - term ends 2025

College of Health

Community and Population Health
Christine Daley - term ends 2025

P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science

Anand Ramamurthi - term ends 2023

Chemical  and Biomolecular Engineering
Steven McIntosh - term ends 2024

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Shamim Pakzad

Computer Science and Engineering
Brian Davison - term ends 2025

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Svetlana Tatic-Lucic - term ends 2026

Industrial and Systems Engineering
Luis Nunes Vicente - term ends 2024

Materials Science and Engineering
Ricardo Castro - term ends 2026

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
Arindam Banerjee - term ends 2024