Travel Grant: Eugene Mercy, Jr. President/Provost Fund for Faculty Development

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Travel Grant Information

Recognizing the large amount of exciting research being conducted by our faculty and the need for faculty preparing for reappointment, promotion and tenure reviews to have appropriate exposure for their work, the Provost is pleased to offer a program of special travel grants available to Associate and Assistant Professors, and Professors of Practice to support their presentation of research at national and international conferences. Performing artists who are invited to compete in national competitions are also invited to apply for support. Individual grants for domestic travel and international travel are available throughout the year. These awards are intended to promote the visibility of Lehigh's research activities and assist faculty who are building their research reputation or performing arts portfolio.  The funds provided by the President and Provost’s Fund for Faculty Development are from a generous gift endowed by two Lehigh alumni.  

To supplement this generous funding, the Office of International Affairs will also provide funds to assist with international travel.  The Lehigh Global Initiatives Term Endowment Fund honors the success of Gregory C. Farrington, 12th president of Lehigh, in developing programs that provide Lehigh faculty a greater understanding of the complex global environment.  The Fund’s purpose is to increase Lehigh’s global engagement and strengthen our academic partnerships abroad.

Application Procedures

Requests for these travel awards must be routed through the deans of the colleges. The deans will develop detailed guidelines for applications; review the requests, with special attention to the professional significance of the conference and the importance of the presentation in advancing the research agenda of the faculty member; and forward recommendations for support to the Provost. Recommendations from the deans may be submitted throughout the year but must be received at least one month prior to the date of the conference. All applications to the college deans must include written endorsement by the applicant’s department chair and/or program director that the applicant’s research paper or performance presentation is part of a conference program or competition of the high academic quality and visibility that the President/Provost Fund is intended to support.  Awards will be made on an annual rolling basis, (every 365 days), and will cover a portion of the reasonable costs for the trip.

What the Grant Provides

Please note that it is our intent to provide funding to as many Associate and Assistant Professors and Professors of Practice as possible.  For eligible faculty members traveling domestically, the Provost will provide 50% of all reasonable travel costs and limits the grant to one trip per eligible faculty member on an annual rolling basis, (every 365 days), commencing with the start date of the first trip receiving this grant.

For eligible faculty members traveling internationally, the Office of International Affairs will provide 33% from the Lehigh University Global Initiatives Term Endowment Fund and the Provost will provide 34% from the President and Provost Fund for Faculty Development towards all reasonable travel costs and limits the grant to one trip per eligible faculty member on an annual rolling basis, (every 365 days), commencing with the start date of the first trip receiving the grant.

On an annual rolling basis a faculty member at the academic ranks indicated above may apply for one President/Provost travel grant, either domestic or international, but not one of each.

The balance of travel costs should be provided by any of, or a combination of, funds from the faculty member’s own indexes, department accounts or dean accounts.

Reimbursement Procedures

All expenses and reimbursements should initially be charged to your departmental index. Upon completion of your trip submit a copy of your paid expenses, and if applicable, OneCard statement, and spreadsheet detailing expenses to be considered for the grant to Deb Watlington.  Please indicate the index number that was originally charged for your expenses. The index(s) will be reimbursed for up to 50% of the travel costs for domestic travel from the President and Provost's Faculty Development Fund through a transfer of funds to the index(s) charged.

Index(s) charged for international travel will be reimbursed up to 34% from the President and Provost’s Fund for Faculty Development and 33% from the Lehigh Global Initiatives Term Endowment Fund through a transfer of funds to the index(s) charge.

Reimbursable Expenses
  • Air travel - submit original airline passenger receipt or boarding pass indicating destination, class of travel and proof of payment.
  • Conference registration fees - attach a copy of your conference registration form along with a conference program, agenda and proof of payment (credit card receipt, statement or cancelled check).  Please note that while Membership Dues may be allowable expenses through Lehigh University policy, they are not considered travel and are not reimbursable through this grant.
  • Transportation expenses - personal auto - reimbursement provided using published federal rate (see Controller's Office website for current rate); auto rental, bus, taxi, parking, tolls, etc. - submit original auto rental agreement and associated gasoline receipts.
  • Hotel room & tax - daily charges for room and related taxes - submit itemized hotel bill indicating payment.
  • Meals - meal expense must be listed separately for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Expenses related to alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable.  According to the Lehigh University Travel and Business Expense Policy, all receipts of $75 or more must be itemized.
  • Other expenses - necessary telephone calls; fax charges; expenses associated with baggage handling, storage and tips; laundry and dry cleaning expenses when traveling for periods greater than five days.
Non-reimbursable Expenses

Alcoholic beverages while traveling; auto rental insurance charges; fines for traffic or parking violations; first class or business class airfare; hotel amenities such as exercise facilities and movies; luxury limousine service; optional conference events (e.g., tours, golf, outings, etc.); personal expenses while traveling on University business; theft, loss or damage of personal property.

For more information about reimbursable/non-reimbursable expenses, please review the Lehigh University Travel and Business Expense Policy here.

Travel Grant Application (pdf)