Dependent Health Insurance Subsidy Policy

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Dependent Health Insurance

For AY2022-2023, to help afford the dependent coverage, the University will provide a subsidy of $250 per semester per student/family to the eligible graduate students with a dependent child and/or spouse. Eligible students must apply for the subsidy before the deadline and provide necessary documents. Instructions for the application process will be available later.


Eligible graduate students must:

  • Be eligible for the University’s individual insurance subsidy for graduate students.
  • Have a dependent child who is in the U.S. and NOT covered by the spouse's insurance, and/or have a spouse who is in the U.S. and is ineligible for employer sponsored insurance coverage.
  • Have purchased a current health insurance policy for their dependent child/spouse.

Below are the required documentations:

  • Proof that you have purchased health insurance for your dependent child/spouse. Document must include the amount paid for the insurance, this can be an invoice and must list the names of the dependent child/spouse enrolled in the plan.

Failure to provide the necessary documentation will result in delays reviewing your application or rejection of application. You may be asked to provide additional documentation or information needed to evaluate your application. If you have falsified information or supporting documentation on the application, the subsidy will be rescinded, and you will be referred to the Deans of Students.

Eligible students will receive a subsidy payment of $250 per semester; minus the appropriate taxes for each semester during which they qualify. The subsidy will be paid at the end of each semester (with December 30, 2022 and June 2, 2023 paychecks). If your paychecks stop before these dates, you will not be eligible to receive the subsidy.

Graduate students seeking health coverage for dependent children might be eligible for a plan through the Pennsylvania Children’s Health Insurance Plan. In addition, more information about dependent coverage for citizens and residents can be found at

For any questions about application or eligibility, please consult with the Associate Deputy Provost for Graduate Education (