COVID-Related Faculty Caregiver Support

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The goal of these programs is to support faculty who have faced challenges due to pandemic-related increases in caregiving responsibilities that affect their ability to make progress in their scholarly work. The first program provides for small grants that work much like the Sloan Faculty Research Grants that allows faculty to use the funds to support scholarship or reimburse caregiving costs. The second form of additional support is through the modified allowable use of existing faculty discretionary accounts.

Small Grants

These grants are similar to the Sloan Research Grants but are available to all tenured or tenure track faculty. Unlike the Sloan Grants, having a recent family leave is not required. Eligible faculty can apply for grants of up to $2000 to help sustain research productivity while they are experiencing increased caregiving demands (for children, partners, parents). Please see the reimbursement guidelines for details on how the funds can be spent.

Existing Discretionary Funds

Although discretionary accounts generally are not to be used to reimburse for caregiving or similar expenses, we recognize that some of the unique challenges faced by faculty caregivers can be addressed by allowing the reimbursement of the kinds of caregiving related expenses mentioned above that bolster faculty scholarship. With your dean's prior approval, up to $2,000 of your discretionary fund may be used subject to the same guidelines as the small grants. Keep in mind that the use of small grants or discretionary funds can have important tax implications when used to reimburse certain kinds of expenses. This program will remain in effect through the end of 2021.

Important Guidelines and Processes for Use of Funds (Small Grants and Discretionary Funds)

Before using small grant or discretionary funds in this way, faculty will want to familiarize themselves with the guidelines on the use of these funds. For instance, because of tax law and insurance requirements, specific guidelines will govern the use of funds. Please note that the process includes completing an Additional Compensation Form with proper authorizations and receipts before expenses can be reimbursed. In contrast with prior guidelines, because of the pandemic, in-home caregiving expenses are allowable although they require the same documentation for reimbursement.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Deputy Provost for Faculty Affairs.