Personal Illness or Disability

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Short-Term Disability Policy

Salaried benefits-eligible faculty members are provided up to 26 weeks paid medical leave for their own illness or injury through the Short Term Disability Plan. During the two 15-week periods of the Fall and Spring semesters, short term disability leave time always counts as paid FML leave time as well. For more information, visit the Human Resources Policy page.

Family and Medical Leave (FML)

The FML Policy for Faculty provides full pay for full-time and intermittent leaves for a period of up to 12 weeks or its equivalen during any 12-month period. The leave is available for a serious health condition of the faculty member that renders him or her unable to perform the functions of his or her position. Medical certification is required. The faculty member must submit the Human Resources FML Request Form and other required certification to Human Reources as soon as possible. The Provost's Office provides $7,500 to the department for each FML leave to help defray the cost of adjunct salaries for course replacement. For more information, please see FMLA Faculty Policy.

Tenure-Clock Extension for Personal Illness or Disability

An untenured faculty member (assistant, associate, or full professor) who experiences a personal illness or disability may request from the Provost an extension of his/her appointment up to one year. Medical certification is required. Tenure candidates who receive extensions will be evaluated with the same academic standards as candidates who do not receive extensions. Refer to the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty sections,, and for detailed information or contact the Deputy Provost for Faculty Affairs.

Disability Accommodation for Faculty

Lehigh University will provide reasonable accommodations, including auxiliary aids, to enable faculty members to perform the essential functions of their jobs and to participate in all University programs and activities. Please consult the Manual for Disability Accommodation for Faculty (A.D.A. Manual for Faculty) available on the Provost's web site.