Provost Office Staff

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Lucy Bowen

Director of Administration
  • Executive Level Provost Support
  • Primary Contact for Issues
  • Provost Office Communications
  • Staff Leadership
  • Administrative Systems and Projects
  • Faculty Activities and Projects
  • Liaison Between Provost and President's Office

Alexandra Dunn

Director of Compliance
  • University Liaison for Faculty Compliance Matters
  • Guidance and Training on Faculty Policies
  • Act 153 for Faculty
  • Collaborating Academic Visitors Policy
  • Act 76

Jill Forrest

Director, Academic Outreach
  • Lehigh Valley Science and Engineering Research Fair
  • Academic Outreach Liaison
  • Start Up Lehigh Valley

Cindy Hart

Project Manager
  • Provost Events
  • Honors Convocation
  • Executive Search Support
  • Faculty Awards & Events
  • Department Chairs Support

Daniele Holland

Manager of Faculty Affairs
  • Faculty Appointments
  • Faculty Data Requests
  • Faculty Leaves and Retirements
  • Lyterati System University Level Support
  • University Professorships and Endowed Chairs

Heather Huggins

Administrative Specialist
  • Office Coordination and Administrative Support
  • Communications & Project Management
  • Web Development
  • Inclement Weather Process Support
  • Student Employee Management

Jessica E. Jackson

Program Manager
  • Marcon Institute
  • Center for Ethics
  • Website Management
  • Faculty Senate Support
  • Provostial Projects

Janele Krzywicki

Director of Faculty Affairs
  • Academic Jobs Online System University Level Training and Support
  • Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee Support
  • University Faculty Data Steward
  • Lyterati System University Level Support
  • Provost Guidelines & Processes for Hiring, Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure

Marci Levine

Program Director
  • Director of ADVANCE Center
  • NSF ASPIRE IChange Alliance Institutional Team Co-Lead
  • Advancing Future Faculty Diversity Postdoctoral Scholars Program
  • Faculty Recruitment, Mentoring, Retention and Promotion
  • Faculty Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Related Efforts