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College Lyterati Administrators

College Level Administrators (CLAD) are resident experts in the Lyterati system and the first line of support to troubleshoot basic issues. College Level Administrators are responsible for system education, training, and supporting new faculty, chairs, and department coordinator users. Please contact your respective College Level Administrator for assistance.

College of Arts & Sciences

For questions regarding Faculty PARs, contact:

Vicki Ruggiero
(610) 758-2440

College of Business

Nikoleta Kalahanis
Assistant Director of Finance & Administration
(610) 758-5891

College of Education

Melanie Contreras
Executive Secretary

College of Health

Sherry Buss
Director of Administration

Jeanne Kassis
Executive Secretary

P.C. Rossin College of Engineering & Applied Sciences

Stacey Lange
Director, Administration & Special Projects

         Michelle Sheehan
         Executive Secretary to the Dean

Grant and Proposal Information

The grant and proposal information imported to the Lyterati system from the Banner system is NOT editable. If you see discrepancies in the Lyterati system with your proposal and grant information, you will need to contact The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to get your grant and proposal information corrected in the Banner system, which is our authoritative source.

Grant and proposal information for funding that is not managed through ORSP is entered in a separate Lyterati category (Fellowships, Gifts and Other Funded Research).

Provost Office Lyterati Administrators

Daniele Holland
Faculty Affairs Specialist

Janele Krzywicki
Faculty Affairs Manager

Jennifer O'Brien-Knotts, Ed.D.
Assistant Vice Provost, Enrollment Services